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                                             "Stalking the hunter"

 The wife captured me hunting this Elk in Northern Arizona, 9/28/14.

We had been camped for days in North Eastern Arizona, somewhere near Happy Jack. It had rained heavily the day and night before leaving the ground moist but not too muddy.  We just checked a water tank for sign and were heading north of it when I spotted this bull Elk grazing about 150 yards ahead to my right. I stopper the truck, eased open the door and got out quickly.  The magnificent creature had not sensed me yet. The wind was in my favor and there were many trees between us.

I jogged 20 yards to the closest pine tree for cover. The tree was between the Elk and I. That pine was nearly as wide as a man and hid me well as I stood sideways to keep the Elk from seeing me. I'd forgotten about the wife and truck. I was entirely focused on the hunt! I wanted to get closer. Much closer.  Using the trees between us as cover I jogged and fast walked silently from tree to tree being careful to be silent as possible. The moist leaves underfoot cooperated as they smushed silently as I walked on them. 

I stealthily made my way to within 30 yards of this magnificent beast. He still had not sensed my presence. I adjusted my body and arms to get into position for the shot. My heart was pounding, my senses all in focus, I snapped off the shot and captured that bull Elk on film.  He heard the camera click and run off up the hill.  Unbeknownst to me at the time my wife had stalked up on me and captured me on film as well. What memorable day hunting!

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